Thursday, July 3, 2014

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Lu Ping did not thinkwould use such extreme measures to cut off their escape route, land plains of the plan to kill himself completely out of the crowd in front of the encirclement, which is Juicy Cases adventure kill Wang Young, unaware of the reasons for the intention to allow everyone their own whereabouts. Lu Ping is now become Wengzhongzhibie hearts naturally Jingnu Cross. Zhang Weiqing see the landing flat face, the thrill of revenge in mind spontaneously, haha ​​laughed: Lu Ping, Levis Cases there today ! Lu Ping has been at this time came around in the middle of the crowd, Lu Ping said nothing, just winged sword hovering around in their own today can be said to be among the greatest catastrophe of his life, besieged on all sides, only desperate war, that although there is a bit means, but the ability to escape, but also providence.

The ray ban sunglasses crowd burst of panic, but also heart sank Lu Ping, Zhao brothers shouted sternly : who is so sneaky, I do not know the North Sea hookah Court, Xuan Ling sent five faction in this work it, do not show up quickly ? Voice sounded again, huh chuckle, said: hookah Court ? What is great ? The next it is not heard. To enlighten me since Lacoste Cases Levis Cases ' help cover the sea ', then the Levis Cases it 's willing it. Then, a burst of magic fluctuations near the surface of the water, surrounded by the scenery while twisted broken, sea views and there is not much change in the level landing monks surrounded the periphery, there was more than twenty different costumes monks, the Lu Ping and Zhao brothers, who all around the middle, who led by five majestic magic, it is five hemolysis late monk.

Zhao brothers bow thought a moment, and suddenly understand what and said: Gentlemen should is the sea mouth of rumors Yaozu monk mysterious pirate sea forces, gentlemen should and Levis Cases etc, are the true spirit of faction destruction order from the sea, Levis Cases and so the same purpose, should not be from the conflict, cheap true spirit faction. Then, referring to the landing flat road : Levis Cases etc is to kill the spies come true spirit of faction, if let this person escaped, the true spirit of faction got the news, will hunt down and Guibang Levis Cases etc, if Guibang intentional, this is the true spirit of the monks will give Guibang send as a gift Levis Cases etc. how ?

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