Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Lu Ping made ​​a gesture Shaoanwuzao will Treasure House took out VIP invitations,Canada Goose Cases, facing the inside said a few words, and then hit a couple of hand tactics, invitations at a brilliance flashed in the crowd wondering Lu Ping is doing anything, to see the venue in a former service treasure House seats Presbyterian monk went to say a few words what, then inter-packet Presbyterian surprise landing equal to the location of people looked, she sat there is no longer a bid. Shi Lingling Lu Ping, who have to ask how, holding the hands of invitations Lu Ping said: there is no, this invitation can be used as a pass notes, which at michael kors bags any time during the auction and Treasure House to do some exchanges, just as a VIP that privilege Bale.

Lu Ping smiled and said : Do not worry, there are some. At this time, EDUCTION offer has reached seven thousand five hundred began, and has very few monks Chanel Cases competition, Lu Ping said suddenly: Christian Louboutin Case out of seven thousand six hundred began. Private rooms in the crowd were amazed to see the landing level, Lu Ping will know this is just to report the calculation of revenge EDUCTION. Zheng Jie has not how to speak is outspoken and said: This is one in June bonds also faster ! Lu Ping Hu Lili afraid of misunderstanding, but big strong cow touch his head, and said: Hey, this is not something surnamed Li, deserve pit Christian Louboutin Case this time.

Lu Ping pondered a moment, then agreed to Chen Lian views no longer speak, then, the venue of the Presbyterian sudden outcry Road : eight thousand one hundred began ! Chen Lian urgent: how it happened, how it has bars on the Father, called Christian Louboutin Case Do not bid it? Lao Chen Lu Ping looked indifferent face, and said: Do not worry, Father certainly discover what else to experience how the elderly would do no sure thing ! Chen Lian That calm down, come to understand their own experience or whether it is their Father Christian Louboutin Case are only on Christian Louboutin Case, how to make irrational things for no reason.

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