Tuesday, July 1, 2014

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This female boss, then immediately drew unanimous support of all, and this second-generation ancestor quickly nodded, then led the group of people walked toward Jun Ye, yet close Pidianpidian ran a low voice: Little Jun, this is Burberry Cases aunt, after trading needs, despite opening on the line with Chanel Cases aunt. In fact, there's already look into the situation leaves Jun, combined Xian- ashen in color face hidden with fear, immediately guessed there probably tricky. Suddenly chuckle over her mouth, underground passage own wicked wicked grind, I did not expect it gained nothing anti- corrosion one meter Liu boss, virtually actually helped him a great favor.

After this II Zujie Shao, Jun Ye know the woman in front of rich state turned out to be China Sea International 's chairman, Li Jiang Yang. Local industry as a pillar Gangneung carry beams, whether it is human and material resources, or their own influence, at least with shoulder-length, the huge Gangneung, no more than three. Canada Goose Cases Leaf is often said Venerable Dong Jun, right ? Li Jiang Yang took quite Zilai Shu Ye Jun greetings, cheap louis vuitton which makes the side of the Su Wenyu completely ignorant, originally thought to great pains to deal with these is to pull Xian- thorn, who wants the situation worsened, the evolution of this immediately kind of enjoyable scenes.

Is it right from the outset, calculated to this point ? Although Su Wenyu some regret, but now the situation, afraid of these big bosses Muguangruju too embarrassed to continue defeating. Li Jiang Yang smiled and said: Little Jun, aunt heard Chanel Cases this company is decorating business, or, taking several design drawings, beating aunt next few orders. Su Wenyu instinctively raised his hands pulled tight pile design, Li Jiang Yang also took quite Zilai Shu, first carefully read, you can still line slowly beginning to dabble general rush back if not actually over.

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