Thursday, July 3, 2014

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In the raid on the city soon, and easy on the horse back to the barracks native toillustrates this situation, easy native means: the current situation is still very unstable, louis vuitton purses see you can first take a part of the army protect the Tsar and empress Dowager into the city to stabilize the situation, to controlgroup thirty soldiers, and three thousand troops raid Rust louis vuitton online led military column, louis vuitton online estimate does not matter how strong the local Legion combat, so start attacking louis vuitton online louis vuitton online must retreat, you put out La Sie mission to intercept the enemy, then you take the opportunity to capture his military power, this is a good way to kill two birds, and you think how?

In the barracks, easy to catch a native soldier asked to be a colonel in the tent, then kill the soldiers to silence, like a spooky night silently into the inside of the colonel's tent was already about to dawn, Colonel scared about son jumped from chuáng : Who is ? Easy native chōu the sword from his waist, cut into the side of the candle fifty segments, but in a quiet candle still burning, but still did not go down, this sword is simply divine has come to the point, scared Colonel backwards Easy step surface, such as ashes native snapped shouted: louis vuitton outlet What team are all team Tsar Tsar want to find out Astor rebel groups now command louis vuitton online with Xiemiao Jun to attack him, louis vuitton online like it or not ?

Easy native picked him up and said: Well, so, louis vuitton online command your troops in the early morning attack, when the army attacked Rust column, give him húnluàn, if you set up the power, would be heavy louis vuitton online reward you not only give you gold, but also improve your rank, you will soon become a major general, the youngest major general, your future is absolutely phenomenal, you know? Rust column famous hot temper, treat subordinates very blame, now suddenly under attack, suddenly felt wronged by a big, extremely depressed mood, hey louis vuitton online Why to attack it, even if louis vuitton online want to rebel, but louis vuitton online also lù oakley juliet no signs of rebellion, why?

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