Friday, July 25, 2014

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Not to mention paying for others, and now even their own parents who can sell people, such as Yu purple, almost extinct. Galaxy Cases Can be considered biological treasure it ! So Galaxy S4 Cases so it can not be dead ! Chu Tianming was secretly thinking. Purple Yu now the situation is very bad, bad do not know how to Chu Tianming hands to help him. ps: thank god readers drunken brothers became the third monthly readers cast this month, it is now twice monthly, we do not miss ah !

Chu Tianming If a careless touch to what key areas, it is likely to cause irreparable consequences. The only thing that can help to Galaxy S3 Cases, that is, some of the auxiliary, mild drug immortality. Elixir Chu Tianming there are many, but most of the drug elixir violent, not suitable now purple Yu their own sense of space rummaging for a long time, it found some of the drug is relatively mild panacea. Although it is not the elixir, but also the effect is significant, Chu Tianming broke purple Yu 's mouth, the immortality of a one to plug into it.

Seeing this, the heart of a large stone Chu Tianming also put down, and finally at ease a lot. The original Chu Tianming felt for the first time let go of Senji, depriving purple Yu will suffer this unexpected calamities, and my heart has been some guilt, if there is someway purple Yu true, then my heart will be greatly disturbed Chu Tianming, but now seeing purple Yu finally began a slow recovery over, thisa hanging heart finally fall back to the chest. Well, uncle, purple Yu Galaxy S4 Cases probably would not have, let Galaxy S4 Cases meticulously restored over time, it can jump up !

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