Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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East San Niang asked. Spring son put away the soft sword tied around his waist, looked up at the direction of the summit : If I expected good, the wind has brought Zhou brothers will certainly go up to the summit. iPod Cases Also go there ! He went to the summit do?, Peanuts and Dried Church Road. There are six doors left iPhone 5S Cases water mirror technique, spring son said. Mirage technique is able to record all the scene for some time mirage operation? It turned out he also wanted to see something of interest in that mirage surgery. But he was not six doors myself, how can open mirage surgery ?

Spring son nodded his head and said : Although not officially entered the wind brothers had six doors,, but he did a lot of Taoism are from the six doors. And among the many profound than my ability to even open the water mirror technique, but a trifle. Cases Have to go faster, otherwise mirage scene in which patients have to fear is gone. Oh, ah !, Known as the three powers of the East San Niang fairy cried mirage surgery only to repeat twice, if the wind brothers mirage surgery two consecutive starts, which will become a blank, iPhone 5S Cases to quickly rush past, maybe he also Qinzhu rescued Zhou.

East Niang and Peanuts and Dried also anxiously surrounded the monastery ran on spring son, son busy spring that told the White Yiyi : Yiyi, later met with Zhou Wenzhong, you do not tell him the true identity of iPhone 5S Cases iPhone 5S Cases also he did not want to know this. That Yiyi moment, asked: Why ? Senior sister apprentice, even if you are a woman Zhou know what is the relationship ? Spring son hearted smile and gently squeezed white Yiyi nose smiles: guessing what to do is master iPhone 5S Cases arrangements. iPhone 5S Cases Zhou need to do something in the future will naturally tell you.

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