Friday, July 25, 2014

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How numerous stone mountains hills and valleys. Full moon in the sky,samsung cases, the stars holding month, vast mountains bathed in white light, it is generally shiny black iron hard mountain, has been extended to the endless sky. You Zaihao Expand map, but also the black wolf release. One person, one pet, with the moonlight and the light-emitting plants lush exotic woods and find a cave entrance. Heichen Chen huge hole, like a hideous big mouth open, ready to devour biological terrorist monster. You Zaihao into the hole, inside the dark corners and too many reasons, making the line of sight by the big block.

Samsung galaxy s2 Cases Let the black wolf Pathfinder, found naturally get dangerous warning, but it is in stealth mode, but also an insurance policy. Anti kill and attack both. With the entrance into the walking path gradually deepened in-depth, inside the cave is the real leveling places, monster gathering place. Stone mountains, caves also called stone cave, monsters and more minerals are also considerable. A total of five stone cave, each has a different level of monsters, the lower layers, the higher level monsters. You Zaihao is entering into the first floor, where the monster is exactly sixty.

But the atmosphere is somewhat damp cold,Samsung Note 2 Cases, sometimes, deep caves also came " hair " bone erect unknown biological strange noise. Stone cave floor, up to dozens of different types of sixty monsters, such as black grass strange, evil spirits larvae hole " cave " spiders, gold insect bite, sickle hands, knives skeletons, Wraith Warrior, Shek Kok Monty Python...... and so on. However, as long as through the cave floor, you can reach the mountains on the other side of Heliconia Aerie " hole." You Zaihao not go into the cave floor, first floor leveling has been more than sufficient.

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