Wednesday, July 2, 2014

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Zhang Pingtai on the road and asked: Brother Ali does not figure, you are Tatars, why are so intimate with cheap louis vuitton online Han Chinese, as far as I know, there are many Tatars are hostile cheap louis vuitton wallet Han ? Ali does not figure laughed: I was an exception, because I itself Han descent, but not my parents, but my grandmother, but finally also dip a little edge, so I am not like other people, like the Tatars, and, even more hostile to the Russian Tatars, compared with Han relatively close.

Chen Russia smiles: it can be a coincidence, in the city, met a yellow skin has rarely met, actually there are Han Chinese descent, but also willing to help cheap louis vuitton bags, huh. Ali does not figure laughed: I suspect you are, it does not matter, the first meeting will be the case, but for a while you will believe me, because I really did not lie to you, I know that people go somewhere, he will go that place, but fifa coins not necessarily right now. Zhang Pingtai surprise: You mean, cheap louis vuitton wallet go squat, but that in the end is what ?

Ali does not figure laughed : Eagle Field ! ' Eagle Course ' is a market, which sell more than one hundred kinds of ferocious birds of prey eagle species from North America, West Africa, China, Mexico and Tatars site. It can be said, large and small, wide variety, everything. But the most important thing, there is also trafficking Falconry who need a lot of things, such as copper rings, chains, eagle food, whistle, there are also dedicated to the Eagle mén veterinary doctor. One here, and once on the Russian side stunned Chen, known as a master of magic standings, the young falcon cheap louis vuitton wallet also was a master, but had never seen so many wide variety of eagles, and Moscow can there is such a big market, let cheap louis vuitton wallet Falcon very shocked, because this thing under normal circumstances are their own catch, not bought, because there is no use to buy back, not everyone with the eagle.

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