Monday, June 30, 2014

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Many people come here to burn incense, incense that 's enough to make any one look to see gods are jealous. Fu could not help shaking his head and sighed : Moon is missing, then filled with water surplus ! The heart of Rehoboth so much momentum, naturally some disagree. Adidas Cases Only had just tasted the bitterness of loose lips, the words keeping everything natural, just sighed one, they no longer speak, followed the crowd to go and pay his respects. Saw the highest in the large hall with a statue, Diao Chan cage towel, fold the top there are two stand pen. Cage on the left a towel stuck Zhiwei, headcrown, wearing a red Troy, red Luo Sang.

Liyan,Affliction Cases, Lide, meritorious service, which is meritorious board Shinto ah ! Fu heart sigh a back, first worshiped the Rehoboth, and then find the temple offerings, to get rid of a few companions ghost fox. Along the way, though these ghost fox had been carrying away, his mouth still kept screaming little curse, only went to the nearby weir Yang Gong. Those ghost fox attached to the human body began shivering, no just the slightest bit of prestige it! Is just go to worship, those who were possessed by demons fox, is also a maniac, busted their ass and refused to enter the hall.

Operators of these ghost fox TIPS ! At this time, several servants please oakley sunglasses outlet come to see this temple festival, the temple festival look at those ghosts Fox has also run a full care. Just stared Fu looks around and see a little bit uncomfortable Fu. Temple festival in the world is the spokesman for the gods, among Firestone Walker, identity is extremely noble. So for a few small ghost fox can disturb the temple festival has always been very surprising, and had sent two Taoist Armani Cases thought to be pretty good, can not think of a person to a temple festival !

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