Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Then, D&G Cases lightly a mouth, Biguang sword as Jianban toward Ningguang shoot. Meanwhile, Ed Hardy Cases finger pinch tactic move, when to fly to see Biguang Ningguang before, suddenly divided into eight different directions from stabbing Ningguang. Ningguang alert those times, naturally not so easy to let Feng Ling succeed. I saw on the waist Qiankun Dai Ed Hardy Cases a beat, immediately appeared in front of a small white face shield. Ningguang refers to a lead tactic, directed that played a small shield refers to tactics, the moment is also a small shield divided into eight, around Ningguang quickly spin up.

Feng Ling looked,Dior Cases, did not seem strange. After all Ningguang Palace also sent the disciples, who do not have high-end, how will the instruments used yet. Feng Ling slight squint squinting, his hands pinch a finger tactic toward Biguang point. Originally a small shield around the octahedral bayonet fighting back all the Biguang suddenly open, the light that kept turning around condensate underestimate huddled in a circle outside the tremors stop them. With eight of the Biguang tremor, formed a circle in the blue, I suddenly produced waves of green.

Around the small shield around Ningguang still kept spinning, and then when the time ripple Ed Hardy Cases volume that formed on the green, white small shield spinner speed gradually slow down. Feng Ling saw a small white shield slow down slightly relieved. Then shot two fingers from both hands in the thickness of the red light, directed a small shield because of slowing the pace and shot past the exposed gap. Ningguang Although Feng Ling this particular attack a little surprised, but it also did not panic. See two red light to the front, a light-weight, has come to feijian above, without hesitation, rushed to the sky.

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