Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Just when this gang of tense confrontation, hundreds of miles away in the mountains, and the atmosphere is completely hidden Xiao Heng stature but are frowned, as if thinking what in general. Spirit of seeing dead butterflies, but it is as if the thought is generally understood Xiao Heng, smiled softly and said: I did not expect it, hanging resentment will actually come here. After Xiao Heng nodded silently, is equally softly replied: ah louis vuitton handbags really did not think, at this time, actually the name of a large Presbyterian encounter demons Valley.

After hanging complain or go to kill, and then get the water out of the Emperor sword ? Xiao Hang pondered a moment later, is spit out a heavy breath and said: He will come to be estimates, spotted case you fall upon him louis vuitton purses joint first and then rob the water emperor sword. After listening to Xiao Heng remark, in the eyes of the spirit of dead butterflies will instantly flashes a hint of anxiety color. For Jin bone, but she could not bear to look at him on this one with so many strong war. Hush, louis vuitton outlet bucket up. In the spirit of dead silence between butterflies, but it is suddenly facing constant Xiao Ling made ​​a dead butterfly silence gesture.

There is a team of monks came toward the side. Spiritual idea of ​​God just let dry butterfly,louis vuitton outlet, he immediately felt the breath of a team of monks. But Xiao Heng yet full voice down, flanks twenty Zhangwai will immediately emerge out of a strange cohesion purely made ​​by the underlying strength of the transparent spear. Lance body transparent, but it is unusual to see which embodies the underlying strength of the mad fury circulation. Turn the power of the kind of speed, Xiao Ling Hang dry and butterflies will be found almost instantly this thing. Sudden looking room, Xiao Ling Hang dry and butterflies while also trying out their terror agility.

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