Sunday, June 29, 2014

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With a burst of whining came originally stick in front of the riffraff finally withstand this pressure,Coach Cases, instinctively flashed a road, but did not dare to escape, surrounded only leaves Jun, holding a machete into is not, back no. This approach can, also intends to shift fled to the rear of the center of the exposed Wu, Wu scalp tingling moment of the central leaf actually perceived Jun unimpeded maintained less than five meters away, while behind the riffraff are instinctive think toward the back, suddenly exclaimed : do not come !

Good to do in the end, Buddha sent west. Ye Jun Shen was terrible face, holding a machete in Ovda central exclaimed under ' stopped D&G Cases ' desperate eyes, it is intended to cut down heavily. Suddenly, I heard Li He came, so that leaves Jun action meal, while also jordan shoes sale heard a noise, and crowded footsteps. Ye Jun moment, not by the door to the parking lot and look, I saw a large crowd armed with submachine guns, assault rifles, soldiers in camouflage into the rapidly among which there is a an acquaintance, is Gao Changhe.

Do not have to remind these soldiers are honest with her head, squatting on the ground. Ye Jun Gao Changhe walked beside his face calm, first glanced at the scene has been completely under control of the situation, this holds sweat towards the Lihuai Chang smiles: Mr Lee, I am afraid Dior Cases this nosy, and the rest, and on to Dior Cases the police. It does not matter, it does not matter. Li Huaichang wiped sweat while quickly shouted: immediate mobilization of manpower, the group of criminals all away ! Small Kwan, this thing, you have to deal with too hasty.

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