Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Abacus is good, always keep up with changes in the reality of the situation, Qinglin had to face a difficult choice again. That Huangfureturn to the moon after village, immediately found a Huangfu Bo Hong, say fellow relationship between Qinglin and Duan, but also to Huangfu Huangfureported Qinglin Peter David have had some performance of course these words are basically relayed live from the Jiashan mouth. The only thing is that HUANGFU Jin Lan Qing Lin Qingxing do not know for what reasons, and did not say louis vuitton wallet Jiashan already reached a temporary alliance reality.

Huangfu Bo hung deadpan, and not because HUANGFU Jin Lan to louis vuitton handbags reported so many cases, it is to make any judgment, issued any commands. Huang Fu Jin Lan said: ancestral grandfather, Duan louis vuitton purses doubt that it was a spy, louis vuitton purses Young Qinglin so powerful, they have made ​​on our moon Sanfanliangci Zhuang bad things, why can complete Qinglin so precise ? Someone must provide information to louis vuitton purses, and this provides the intelligence of people suspected Duan is the largest.

Kim Chun Yu Xian Xing since there really immortal, there Jiashan live, Jialiang real, then there must be something immortal, louis vuitton purses comply with Chun Yu true fairy who command or the louis vuitton purses command to create the illusion of doing things men Qinglin, then use the information provided by Duan on our moon Zhuang various situations subject to investigation, to plot the future is not conducive to our moon village. Ancestral grandfather, the thief is not removed, we embrace it any time of month village there are significant risks. Thousands of miles of dikes destroyed the colony, let alone such a big risk yet.

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