Sunday, August 17, 2014

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See each other behind their attack plan, and was almost hit. Xiao Jun Duan Zhaoqiang began to fight back. Military station to a tree, shoot, simply for playing near their bullets and gunfire indifferent three-point line, only to see a little bit of the body from the leaves of the gap, firing. Bullet hit the other side of the chest, the anesthetic effect of anesthesia bomb quickly, but it is not very strong, high imitation body shot in response. If it is not hit in vital parts, it feels numb command to stay in the vicinity of the site, such as hitting the legs, can only say let iPhone 5S Cases entire leg numb, not a whole person is anesthetized iPhone 5 Cases bullet entire paralysis.

The soldier might really hurt. Staring at the direction of a small army. The Western Han 's face was full of consternation, because iPhone 5C Cases saw a cobra is toward himself temporarily been unable to move the body to climb over. I killed people? Do nothing about them ah ! A dagger straight tie on that Cobra seven inches, dagger straight into the ground did not put the snake nailed to the ground. Army carrying the gun looked through the sight to see the surrounding environment, after determining there was no danger to stand out from behind a tree, walked around Han won `t numb the body can not move on the ground, first to crucify Cobra pull the dagger from the ground out.

Brothers, sorry it! Xiao Jun Han body of the number plate off, iPhone 5 Cases recognize the Han dynasty, is Norway. Signal sounding tube, green smoke coming out, shrill voice sounded bared it. Directed lying on the ground beside Jun Han saluted, then left the iPhone 5 Cases Duanzhuo Qiang, the effectiveness of anesthesia bullet time is limited, in order to prevent the kind of rogue who lost the race there, a small army did not wait until the iPhone 5 Cases body the drug in the past, retreated ten meters before the drug outside the protected iPhone 5 Cases past situation.

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