Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Human psychology is a very complex thing, want to explore to understand, is not so simple. Knock on the door, the waiter began serving. Buddist people stopped on the dish to be together, just drink and chat. Linqiu no appetite, just eat a little, suddenly looked up at Lam asked: Bai Lu of it ? Lam surprised a moment, and said: I do not know. Hear Linqiu mention Bai Lu Ann looked Linqiu small ring, and asked : either keep Uncle Ye and Bai Shushu fake ray ban sunglasses say something ? Linqiu Road, as well as my brother. Shao Hai smiled and said: do not worry, first eat it, finished it wants to talk to ray ban make a phone call.

Big Lin Ganggang after work,cheap ray bans, are eating dinner together with the workers. Schedule with other work on the site is different, always start work at dawn, to the eight o'clock, will they go home to rest, but also began to eat breakfast. After breakfast rest for half an hour, continue to work until eleven o'clock. Daelim now eat breakfast. Meals on site, although not very good, but fortunately not the money, every Dalin can always eat a bowl. Just after dinner, Daelim site went under a shade edge of cool air.

Suddenly the phone rang, Daelim phone no call display, without looking to pick up the phone. Daelim, okay ? The other end of the phone was a woman's voice. Obayashi 's body suddenly startled, the heart seems to be severely tightened, silent for a moment before: you ah. ray ban...... ray ban Like you. Daelim is robust, inexplicable laugh : Oh. No, nothing...... I hear the sound of sobbing trained, trained. Daelim a soft heart, and asked : What happened ? No, no.

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