Monday, November 10, 2014

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I saw a small hill Kongkuo at least five hundred square meters below the ground are not found on a tree,ray ban sunglasses, while on the ground, where it far have been off some pale colors of red cloth on the ground is half coffins are not watching that is, did not see half of the small grave is piled up, that's how to find? Not the mass graves of it? Qin Jinrong not believe some of the wood rubbed his eyes again to the prince to say mass grave of view. Jinjun Kang body pimple suddenly jump ! This is the first time to place yourself too... before heard of such a place is to avoid too far !

As if all rows of coffins buried here, and I also thought there would be some coffins sticking out ! Jinjun Kang nodded and said sure want to, let cheap ray ban Sunglasses also hand clawed fragmentation? If ray ban sunglasses outlet Pa to still rotting corpses how to do? Qin Jinrong stopped Jinjun Kang, and his eyes looked to the left of where it is under a small hill, I saw hints of where to see a thatched house too, just built in the next two bushes, because the leaves shelter, so it somewhat vaguely, there seems to have a house there!

Jinjun Kang Yi Leng brothers... I do not, right? In the mass graves of people living next to the words... I do not see a normal person! ray ban sunglasses outlet Still do not have control of it really? Here the body pimple have to take up ! Qin Jinrong shook his head if there ray ban sunglasses outlet iron pin, then do not go back, I heard that there are some mass grave is the grave keeper of the people there, so even if ray ban sunglasses outlet not look it, he will wait to find out ray ban sunglasses outlet of ! Jinjun Kang heard this sweat is a risk, which is not talent is important, and if suddenly ran out of a zombie, then... although it is day, but Ling Ling is not afraid of the sun 's strange vampire has, that this world there will be many strange things ?

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