Sunday, November 30, 2014

mkep myhi bnxn

next door from the front desk so far as to explore, ask a gentle, charming little face was full of sincere color, cheap ugg boots now behind you learn, what things do you like to make ugg outlet online. Yes ah, waiting for you to screw up, ugg outlet online and was president of relentless training meal. Shen blue Touyebutai opening voice down, not by the side of his head Jiangqi Ya, Qieqie voice was full of apologies. Sorry, did not mean to waste ugg outlet online data also put the documents in a meeting with. Already have choked tone, Jiangqi Ya bit his lip, his face being bullied delicate appearance.

ugg boots See really is a pity the poor appearance, would be tempted to wonder Wei Ji Hao, Shen blue fast break Jiangqi Ya apology, then bowed his head hard working access to the information. Flowing a little bit of time, such as office Wei Ji- ho from the busy inside looked through the glass windows, clearly see the corner of two busy front desk and Jiangqi Ya Shen blue. Busy, the Shen blue unlike weekdays lazy rogue appearance, ugg outlet online very serious look at the computer screen, his hands rapidly tapping the keyboard, from time to time pick pick brow, what seems to think, and then went on to look at the screen, the people seem to have an unusual unique atmosphere.

Every day to see,ugg outlet online, even when the work can be distracted staring Jiangqi Ya, but fortunately he was not a man, otherwise Wei Ji -ho will not to kill himself, watching Ji Wei Haoeyes that stare, Shen blue self-deprecating smile Gouzhuo lips, let this man distracted workaholic really is not easy. Shen obsessed with work again saw the blue, Wei Ji Hao also look sophisticated look back again busy with work among the flowing a little time, until the work time, find all the information thoroughly considered, but did not even analysis, Not to mention make a report.

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