Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Drums rang out,coach sale, shaking prayer flag, in accordance with the pre- drill siege of good policy, shield soldiers and archers to move forward, to conceal the gun close to the military echelon and the siege of Xiangyang City. Military siege as Feihuang Ban braved arrows shot down, step by step approaching the city, at the time to grab a hundred paces away, the military began to rebel artillery attack. Divinity gun has fired hundreds of doors, stone projectile with a sharp hit to the sound of the city of Xiangyang, momentum, although terrifying, but the result was unsatisfactory. Attack on land and water is different when the water war, divinity gun to attack is launched into the face of the enemy fleet, while Marine siege, the target has turned out only a few Zhang Yu wide line the walls, the target smaller hits followed naturally smaller.

In the army, Zhao Dayton wrinkled brow, said: Chiang Kai-shek, the general effect coach outlet this divinity gun very ah. Shao Fang is still a look of confidence and smiles: child Long Moji attack has only just begun, slowly. The effect of the first wave of attack certainly not good to go, after all, the cold steel gun divinity, but not artillery missiles can be used to aim the instrument, the level of its hit rate, and still experience in the operation of the gunner. Thus, the shelling continued, after conducting several rounds of exploratory attack, according gunners stone projectile trajectory and placement, continuous calibration with the weight of heavy objects.

Li Xiangyang City defender is a section Zhonglang Lu Chang, Cho, etc. This man, although not as well known, but it is also an early age to join the camp of the old men of Cao Cao, Cao Cao drew much confidence, otherwise he will not be entrusted with the task of Xiangyang Prefecture. The Lu Chang then also participated in the Battle of Guandu, Liu Ye, who witnessed the car 's power made, Perak, and when he first saw the city of Jingzhou army brought under that giant weapon when it was thought that Charlie the generic version of the car. Perak car power Lu Chang naturally well aware of its shortcomings but outrageous hit low, Lu often too clear, and when the enemy shot unsatisfactory results in previous rounds, he will be more confident, mind and tried : Hmmm, think a mere fake thunderbolt car Kennedy wanted to break coach factory outlet Xiangyang City, Guan Yu ah, coach factory outlet see you are old, confused now.

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