Thursday, November 13, 2014

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It can not, cheap ugg boots there is no power to see that flame, had watched the one channel ugg outlet online rhyme peep -day realm of veteran alive ashes. The Fengqi mountain suddenly lowered terror Skyfire, I'm afraid will lead to a large number of South domain expert, reportedly coveralls Tien taught in the East region is also sent to the. Zhuge Liang is not walking in the town, and collected a lot of information. Here a month ago, Fengqi mountain eight miles away suddenly kindled the fire, the flame of great terror, and even rhyme peep Road repair throughout the day who were burned alive, leading to becoming a barren within the radius of 800 years of of the land, among the daily enveloped in flames.

Zhuge not bright thought bitterly. ugg boots Left town, flew a distance between the mountains, from afar, you can see a red sky, the distant mountains a few above the fire burning, the days are red-hot. Though far apart, but still could feel the heat wave lunged. ugg outlet online Try closer to the flame, the surrounding air is getting hot. Finally, even the space have been burned distorted. Good horror flame. Zhuge Liang was surprised not only the outside world, you can feel so hot temperature, unimaginable to the source of the fire is what terror.

Far looked ablaze,ugg outlet online, could not set foot. Inventory around in a circle, not Zhuge Liang went back to the town. Gradually, a small town in the repair persons gathered more and more, many big fairy doors are sent to teach the disciples, just two days time, the town has become a people who suffer Everyone crowded to the point. Many came to the repair can only gathered outside the town. Finally, and after a day's time, a man fled from a patch of fire domain zone back. This is one of the staff to go exploring before, had a total of thirty people went in, there is only one person fled back.

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