Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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People and animals to walk out of the road is very easy to distinguish,ray ban outlet, there are always people walking the road knifed at the scene, but the way the animals walk only pressure traces. Half-day walk, once the military is not entirely without harvest, or find some rare plants, such as some useful herbs into the storage ring was in the army, the army of this storage ring has done some processing plants or animals put in some time it will not die. With subsequent cultivation base, these herbs can grow a large area.

At noon,ray ban sunglasses, when the military was in a mountain stream stopped, pulled out a ring of tools to start a lunch, thanks to Chu Ling instrument, once the military can not fire you can make hot food, more tired at this time, the heat the food is more able to play a role. September mountain stream water is not great, bare except for a large gravel surface. Army had laid them out on top of a stone tool, directly in the mountain rice in water to make a point with just collected some mushrooms made ​​a mushroom broth, meat was once the military to find ways to save in the ring.

After lunch,cheap ray ban Sunglasses, the military has come up with a mat flutter in boulder, lying above the rest of the will, and continue in the mountains looking for. Mang Mountain has 60 million hectares of virgin forest, is 3600 square kilometers, if all go again, did a few years time is estimated to go finish, if you want to search through hair longer, he could not help but frowned Army, but still continue to go down. Mountains, animals, and not as much imagination, many previous animal have become legend.

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