Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Fang Shao Yi Zheng, said : Miss the old lady was not old enough to say, we should then be the job for a few years in the boudoir it. Zhuge Liang shake fan smile, and said: That is the old lady 's stalling tactics, do not tell nike free you do not see ah. Mr. is suddenly thought, maybe a few soon, Cao Cao will southward, if drag that time, which still have time to make arrangements for the marriage cheap nike free run, it is better to take advantage of this period of time is fairly quiet, got to do these things. Zhuge Liang was rare for him to consider such a thoughtful, Fang Shao hearts touched, was about to thank, to find that people come to ride the horse, it is Liu Bei Sun stem from bureaucracy.

Liu Bei is Hing head, did not notice Sun dried askew nervous look, casually: What big bad, slower speaking to. Sun dried Chen Sheng said: Qibing My lord, we are the secret agents sent to promise to return this morning telegraph, say Cao Cao has been determined from the dumping country southward Jingzhou soldiers, the army is not the day they put the south. Sun dried These words, like a thunderbolt in general, so the presence of all shocked, silent for a time, many people face is showing a fear expression. And Liu Bei also thoroughly good mood was shattered, however, nike free run brow shocked, but somewhat fleeting, in a moment of silence after cheap nike free run Review crowd, light, said : Gentlemen, Cao thief sent troops southward invasion, and the matter should not be underestimated, with cheap nike free run you all back to the House to discuss countermeasures it.

Alas, Fang Shao ah, it seems cheap nike free run have to continue to boil down myself. Zhuge Liang sorry sighed, also followed Liu Bei away. When Zhuge Liang, who both left the Manor House Conference event, Fang Shao pitching, after leaving the kioskhome, just hit Zhuge Chengdu to visit HUANG Yue-ying, two aunts talking and laughing in the hall, a leisure joy of color, unaware out there shaking things will happen. Zhuge Shao Rong a square figure, his face immediately converge a little smile, a little body bone straight, but also deft tidied clothes content.

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