Monday, October 27, 2014

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Allure leaves little embarrassed, grabbed the hand sink Zhuowen, the small box into his hand before: holding it. ray ban ray ban sunglasses Do not care to know, but things have happened, you can not kill ray ban sunglasses only willing heart, right? Shen Zhuowen hearts Fufei, looked leaf Allure one, then opened a small box. See the inside of a small clay figurines, Shen Zhuowen surprised a moment, followed by face became livid. A Juezhaopigu small figurines, leaves Allure he wanted to express what does that mean ? Shen Zhuowen figurines holding up the hand shaking, staring leaves Allure, chin quivered.

Shen Zhuowen suddenly put in the hands of small figurines fiercely fell to the ground, shouted : roll finished, slamming the door. Asshole filled with an innocent look, and said what do not care ? To send the kind of disgusting figurines ray ban outlet want to express? Think of it like a clay figurine Juezhaopigu, who burst chrysanthemum action, Shen Zhuowen wish I could kill the leaves Allure. Ye Allure startled a little while, looked down at being torn apart Shen Zhuowen wrestling figurines brows, some dumbfounding. To himself : the little figurines meaningful again, I have so obsequious apology, and also gonna do ah?

Allure is playing leaf notebook Lam see leaves Allure come, he gave the notebook off, laughing: ray ban sunglasses dwell on what you want ? Fallen leaves from Shen Zhuowen there attracted the displeasure thrown aside, changed the mood, locked the door, sat down beside come Lam, hesitated a moment, it said: that thing about the transfiguration. Lam smiled, waiting for the leaves Allure continued. This...... Let me tell you, because of a accident, ray ban sunglasses turned up, then, ray ban sunglasses then a man must become a woman, turned himself in order to get rid of bad luck.

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