Monday, October 27, 2014

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After So, after a month's time, reported over trillion auspicious, persuaded into the table immediately and to. Now that the king has released emperor signal that these officials were naturally will not miss such a golden opportunity to do the founding fathers, to persuade the table into a sincere than a written, between January and more loyal officials even on fifty-six persuade into tables. Facing the world is manifested people so dedicated to persuade Jin, Cao Cao behaved but very dull calm, in a semi-public occasions, Cao said, coach bags lifetime loyal handi, even if people do today.The emperor, that dare not waste Han and self-reliance.

An understanding of the intent of the king, the second wave of the tide table immediately began. However, this time not on the table of the king to Cao Ye City, but on to the body in all the handi Liu Xu Association, for example, to persuade them to follow the example of Yao and Shun, the throne abdication to the king. Liu HS course not frankly agreed, for his court on the table, just as I do not know cheap coach. So, faced with handi 's refusal to respond, Hua Xin, Chen Qun, etc. wanglang his court, under the escort of tens of thousands of Xiu Wei, in order to appear before the handi name, mighty bound Xuchang.

Liu co- dull eyes sat in the Dragon couch, looked sad case of looking at the table is full, and that the accumulation of a case, takes a small mound like thick Zoubiao, without exception, is to persuade the throne cheap coach purses Abdication to the king. Alas, that day finally came. After a long time, Liu co sighed, eyes being, can not help Tears rolled down two lines. Prime minister to Weigong from Weigong to the king, after every persecution, Liu Cao Association have all been met fantasy, and can make their own life and life's Ann rest of his life in general on this pin cushion throne.

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