Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Zhuge Jin take leave of Shangxiang, hurried back to the sand envy embarked on a boat, and arrange cronies in the government hospital, has long been reported Zhifang Shao, Zhuge Jin left when word of form, color and gone, it seems With great minds. So, Zhuge Jin Powell left, Fang Shao went to the back foot, renowned Shangxiang, what they pretend nothing had happened, smiled and said: Congratulations Miss Liu Sun both return to good old lady can finally go home. Shao Fang Shangxiang puts an arm pull, Angela laughed: coach purses not Congratulations, Congratulations, we are the two is.

Shangxiang Dimei shallow smiles: This is not a matter of just when renowned coach handbags, had told him, coach bags intend to stay married...... married with you. What are you not in the right side Shao surprised look funny, funny words blurted out. Shangxiang stunned for a moment, dazed and said: What ' funny ' ? Fang Shao realized they made ​​a bogey mouth, sidewalk: Nothing, coach bags mean, you are not playing tricks on coach bags miss it ? Shangxiang Your face sank, said: so big, how could bring coach bags tease you.

Of course not, just say so and Miss Wu Hou, not too abrupt yet? Fang Shao- face smile, thinking of her temper and too bold, although the open end of Han culture, but in the end also is the recipient law constraints, a woman with his brother straightforward requirement to marry someone, so spread out, does that mean a great loss to her reputation. But Fang Shao switched to want, her overbearing personality is well known, even more outrageous things few others estimate will not be too surprised, but it slowly coach bags previously always wanted to think of ways, but I did not expect to Shangxiang suddenly broke his own plan, naturally let coach bags a time a bit overwhelmed.

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