Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Uncle Wang, hello...... you busy? Wang Guowei phone laughed : Ooh, is not good news came to me ? Alas, this is not your thing and coach sale force, insist on convincing me to come up with reasons, can not do anything, but to an unwise move up. Wang Guowei said: method too freely, the effect is obvious, mainly as a means, a good result. Uncle Wang, you, you put it bluntly, some of it, hey, I was looking to do something that you praise me. Wang Guowei said with a smile : In fact, the province has seen successive provincial, regional conflicts and coach factory outlet Qingzhou three counties, as a historical problem, it must find a machine to solve, the options now this time, but when the chance, coincides with its 'll Bale.

Wang Guowei pondered a moment and said : easy to hide the gun, stab difficult to prevent, beware of people's revenge now. Chang Ning working methods and work habits, the decision can only be a gesticulating coach outlet man three counties in one such big plans, or coach factory outlet first fiddle out, can be three counties after a joint meeting of the Standing Committee of the county, coach factory outlet he is a walk away treasurer, regardless of anything not ask, Sun Huayang to the provincial capital, Deng Zhijun coach factory outlet extremely busy on coach factory outlet a man idle, leisurely leisurely.

Development of leaders for the people,coach factory outlet, Li Xiaoping abdicated, Haifeng Xiao took over, such a big thing, the county designated as the competent leadership, often rather not bother to show up, or Ministers of the Organizationto announce new appointments. Shortly after the joint meeting of the Standing Committee of the three counties, three counties in one leading group was established, Sun Huayang specially come back from the provincial capital, after the finish will propose a drink to celebrate it, it is called to the reception friends. Large afternoon drink, a small canteen in the county complex is the first time, leading the call in response to the masses, often rather drink rise, selfless independence war heroes, drank a bit too.

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