Sunday, December 14, 2014

cpop xgzc uiqt Immediately, the mouth sweet smile broadened. Little hope - press the answer key to the phone to your ear. Yan Yan, cheap ugg boots where? No wait, I heard a female voice is clear and bright came from the phone. Birds like the crisp, breaking the morning silence. Yan Yan to a happy smile, some surprises, little hope, ugg outlet online has come back yet? A month ago, it was her first encounter with Oukai Lun day her friend Shen Xi went abroad, did not think she had just married knot, she came back.

I heard Shen Xi Yan Yan sound excited, but sorry, not with ugg boots ugg outlet online graduation trip went really a pity, ugg outlet online you know? Vienna was like heaven ! Yan Yan Heimou to a bright pink lip gash in the air at once beautiful arc, little hope, ugg outlet online today back to school? Shen Xi heard saying things about Vienna, fly to Yan Yan 's heart almost up. If we had not because of the obstruction of the mother, at this moment, and she must have the same fortunate Shen Xi. And...... if you go to Vienna, it will not happen and Oukai Lun intersection, but will not become the man 's wife.

After the meeting the two will encounter anything at all what people happen ? Also, a month ago, Yan Yan and Karen in the end what happened ? Yan Yan Yan Yan...... silently followed all the way, more wrinkled little face tight, little hope eventually walked forward step intolerable stand in front of Yan Yan. Abrupt end to Yan Yan footsteps. Face to face with two little face, one filled with sadness, a full twist. Shen Xi Mouguang shining, looking Yan Yan, a trace to see even some flawless bit his lip flap. Yan Yan, ugg outlet online Do not mind Fiona okay !

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